Dear Prospected Customer:


Security Plus Industries is a small, prestigious Alarm Company in business since 1976, over 40 years
servicing hundreds of demanding South Florida customers as Licensed State Certified Contractors.

We are in the position to provide parts plus labor for Commercial and Residencial Burglar and Fire Alarms, 24 hour UL Local Central Station Monitoring, lnternet plus, Radio Secured Monitoring, Sound, cameras and video surveillance system, telephone wiring and Smart home & office Automation. We have the required experience to repair your existing burglary or fire alarm system, test it, upgrade it, and warranty it like a new system.

We also offer alarm monitoring services by a local UL Central Station and certificates of installation for
their best insurance quotes.

IN SHORT: Security Plus Industries will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements of any top,
large or small security and low voltage company.

We respectfully request the opportunity to give you a quote in your new projects.
For your convenience you can contact me directly at my cellular phone (305) 804—7409.
Sincerely yours,

Romulo Villacis


Why Security Plus?

Top 15 reasons why you should call Security Plus Industries, before you sign or extend your monitoring agreement with anyone else:

1.- One of South Florida’s most experienced security companies. Quality affordable protection since

2.- Local multilingual service and Miami based UL Central Station.

3.- UL approved, 24 hours monitoring services with internet plus Radio Secured Monitoring, etc.

4.- State of the art technology in interactive services and home & office automation.

5.- Certificates of installation for homeowners's insurance for premiuns discounts up to 20%

6.- Unmatched, 24-hour customer service, fully licensed and insured State contractor license#

7.- Consolidate one single contractor for: state of the art burglar alarms and fire alarms including
upgrades and tests. Integrated home security, cameras and sound systems.

8.- Used by hundreds and hundreds of South Florida demanding satisfied customers, builders, and

9.- Free check-up, extended warranty, programming, and central station connection on any existing
system, carried by Security Plus Industries.

10.- Competitive monthly monitoring fees.

11.- Dependable true service by local Owner/Qualifier. Direct to you. Your money stays in your

12.- Guaranteed low prices for the better or the best quality system.

13.- A unique two years parts & labor warranty on any system installed by us.

14.- Who’s who in the Alarm Industry? See us in the National & Fire Burglary Alarm Association, Inc.
(NBFAA) directory book. Telephone: 301-585-1855.

15.- Members of the Alarm Association of FIorida (AAF). Phone#: 954-748-7779. E-mail